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Rodrigue's Blue Dog, which continues to grow in popularity and notoriety, is brought to life with theis latest addition to the LGS poster collection. This intriguing canine, known as the Blue Dog, has been featured in many notable works, such as Chicago's Cows on Parade and art galleries around the country. It was only a matter of time before this famous dog would end up roaming around Capitol Hill and the South Lawn!

In this unique print, George Rodrigue portrays his infamous Blue Dog in front of two of our nations most recognizable structures, the Capitol and the White House. The Blue Dog has reared his head quite often recently in our nation's capitol, since having one of Congress' most powerful legislative caucuses named after him. The popularity of this Rodrigue print symbolizes the continued level influence that Louisianians enjoy in politics on the national level.
$500.00 a piece
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